Backup-Recovery (Restore) info.

Here is our free Backup-Recovery (Restore) Self-Evaluation Checklist guide:

So before your PC Blows-up > Speed it up, Protect it & Preserve it!

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All About Backup Inc. (2006)
Brian Kuntz  A+ Cert., Computer Engineering Technologist (’79)



Striving to provide Global ‘Reliable, Sustainable & Secure Computing’


If you cannot open the manual, then download & install this Adobe Acrobat Reader v10 program too.

  • ‘Single/Left click’ on install_reader10_en_air_chrd_aih
  • ‘Single/Left click’ on ‘Run’ or ‘Open’
  • Sometimes once more > ’Single/Left click’ on ‘Run’ or ‘Open’ again to get things underway to install it.


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