PC Slow, Attacked, Violated, Malfunctioning? Tips & Info..

Signs  of  Virus,  Malware Attacks & Malfunctions:

  • Pop-Up Ads  (While browsing Internet)
  • PC Slowness/Blues
  • Malfunctioning  (Hangs/Lockups/Re-Boots on it’s own)
  • Not Receiving/Installing Windows Updates  (Should average at least ONE update per month)
  • Pop-Up Registry Optimizers/Virus+Malware cleanup programs  (stating they’ve found BAD things)

Should your PC show any of the above signs, we recommend to get HELP > ASAP!!!


Background info.:

Note:  There are different degree’s of Attacks/Malfunctions.

A)  Mild Attack = PC slow to operate, but able to access Internet.

Typical Fix > Use Anti-Virus/Malware program to remove attacks.

Typical Damages > None, Data left untouched.  After removal – any leftover issues are usually repairable by the Operating System.  Good news > likely no Hardware (Parts) required!!

Cost/s > Virus/Malware Removal Service.


B)  Medium Attack/Malfunction = PC slow to operate, but no Internet access.

Typical Fix > Use Anti-Virus/Malware program to remove attacks.

Typical Damages > Operating System file/s, maybe Data files & Hardware.  After removal – any leftover issues are usually repairable by the Operating System & by Restoring Operating System+Data files, &/or replacing Hardware (Parts).

Cost/s >  Virus/Malware Removal Service & possible installation of Operating System, Programs, Data files & possibly Hardware (Parts).


C) Extreme (Worst) Attack or Malfunction = PC keeps re-Booting itself.

Typical Fix > Infected Hard Drive is checked by a (virus-free) PC using an Anti-Virus/Malware program to remove attack/s.

Note:  Re-boot issue can also be caused by malfunctioning Hardware – such as a ‘Bad Sector’ in the Operating System area.  Possible fixes > Repair/Flag Bad Sector, Re-size/Move Operating System Partition, or (final option) replace Hard Drive.

Typical Damages > Operating System file/s, & maybe Data files.  After attack removal/Sector fix > any leftover issues sometimes repairable by the Operating System or restoring Data files.  Sometimes need to wipe the Hard Drive clean & start fresh (re-install/rebuild the entire Operating System & Data from zero).

Cost/s >  Virus/Malware Removal Service & possible installation of Operating System, Programs, Data files & possibly Hardware (Parts).


Attack preparedness…

  • Keep Anti-Virus/Malware & Operating System files constantly updated.  We freely provide a specialized Anti-Virus/Malware/Spyware/Adware/Ransomware Cocktail to our All About Backup Inc clients.

The cocktail is designed to work with your existing/installed Run-Time Anti-Virus/Malware Scanner (without interfering).  It will assist in removing the Bad Guys/Infections your current program had missed.

Our Real-World findings have found that even the TOP/BestAnti-virus/Malware programs can miss on an average of 2 or more Infections.

  • Certain Internet Service Providers (ISP)are now freely providing Real-Time active Virus/Malware Monitoring.  This information regarding whom theISP providers are, is made freely available to our clients.

We also recommend having a (virus-free) complete Data Backup file (entire contents), & an Operating System rebuild CD/DVD or working Recovery Partition available for usage.


The Best Defence (against an Attack/Malfunction) is a Good Offence (Backup) – something every computer needs (no matter the make/model)!

Note:  A Recovery Partition is only as good as your PC’s bootable internal hard drive’s health.  If your PC’s internal hard drive Bites-the-Dust’, you won’t have anything to recover with.  We recommend having Bootable Backup/Restore media with a Full Backup file on-hand at all times to avoid this situation.


Are you prepared – if not, we can Help!

So before your PC Blows-up > Speed it up, Protect it & Preserve it!

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PC still Slow?

See our Proven Microsoft Windows based Data Maintenance formulation from our Do-It-Yourself books. <http://allaboutbackupinc.net/allaboutbackupinc.com/?page_id=149>


Call or Send us an Email <allaboutbackupinc@gmail.com> – we’d be happy to set up a time to either come over.


If your High-Speed internet connection is still working, use the Client Help-Cloud Tool’     <http://allaboutbackupinc.net/allaboutbackupinc.com/?page_id=32>.  We would then remotely-connect to your PC and perform our famous “PC SPEED (Performance Refresh) Service” to get it back into shape.

After we perform this service “Slow Windows PC” will be stricken from your vocabulary!

Happy computing,


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