Gmail Slowness Issue /Fix – 2019

2 possible solutions/fixes for Mozilla Firefox:

– April 2-2019

Note #1:

I have been using both solutions/fixes (as of March 2019).
Myself and others have been having good results on both solutions/fixes.

Myself and my clients are running various Microsoft Windows platforms – such as 10, 7, Vista & XP (32 & 64 bit).

Also are running on various manufacturers (Makes/Models & ages) ‘Dell, Acer, HP, Generic, etc.’.

Note #2:

We also run the ‘Adblock Plus’ addon on all ‘FireFox’ browsers

  • Set to Maximum Ad Removal.

Note #3:

Recommend to have no more than 3 other ‘Websites/ Tabs’ opened plus Gmail for the best performance.


Background History:

Slowness issue began after Google ‘Updated/Redesigned’ it’s ‘Gmail’ program alittle while ago.

Gmail operations slowed-up – either when ‘Accessing Gmail’ or
when performing ‘Data Input/Composing’ a new email.

You would type something, then after a few seconds ‘Passed’ – the data you typed earlier would finally appear on the display.

Secondly, myself & my some of my clients which have ‘Gmail’ accounts had noticed an overall slowness issue with the entire FireFox browser when the ‘Gmail’ was opened along with other websites/tabs.

It appeared that as soon as the ‘Gmail’ tab was closed, FireFox’s overall performance returned.  But when ‘Gmail’ was re-added (with other websites/tabs) the overall performance ‘Sucked’.

Background Research/Resource Info.:

Based upon my research, especially til recently (Feb./March2019) – other ‘Coders, Web Developers & general Users’ have been providing helpful feedback/insight into this ongoing issue – and many thanks to them for that info.
– See these 3 weblinks for referencing:


They ‘Noticed/Mentioned’ that the Google’s ‘Coders/Web Developers’ are now using to an older code – called ‘Polymer’ in their new Gmail redesign.

I deduced from their helpful info that that infamous ‘Polymer’ code is now needed to be added into the competitor browsers – such as ‘Mozilla Firefox’ to properly handle the new ‘Gmail Code’.

So I performed a ‘Google Search’  & found the code in an addon for Mozilla FireFox browser which relates to a ‘Youtube’ fix.

Note:  Sorry, I did not search for the code for any other popular ‘Brandname Browsers’.


(2 fixes – mine & Google’s)

1) My deduction/fix.
Install ‘Youtube Classic addon’ (Plug-in) version 1.3 from Mozilla addon’s – many thanks to Mirza Brunjadze & Mozilla.

This addon provides the (older) ‘Polymer’ code needed for Mozilla FireFox.
Note:  It mentions it only works on Mozilla FireFox versions ’48 & up’.

See weblink: (Download – Auto-Install)


2) Googles ‘Gmail’ Fix.
Install ‘Google Chrome’ browser & use it to run/load Gmail.

See weblink: (Download & then Install)

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