Rescue-Me Stick – Plus…

The ‘Rescue-Me Stick > ‘Phase 1’  – operates on a bootable Windows 10 (32/ 64bit – depending on your computer needs) platform.

It is placed upon either a 2GB or more USB Memory Stick/ Key or upon a 4.7GB DVD.

It is ‘Custom Tailored’ for our client’s computer/s only.

‘Phase 1’ is provided ‘Freely’ to those Client’s which previously have purchased our ‘PC Speed-Up & Data Preservation Service’ (per PC per Site) !!!

  • Designed for ‘Boot Repair, Data/Partition Repairing, Virus+Malware+Ransomware Scanning & Removal, plus Data Backup & Restoration’ upon a Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista or XP (32/ 64 bit version) computer.
  • Minimum PC requirements> Intel Pentium/ AMD 1GHz. CPU + 2GBs RAM (although it operates best on 3GBs RAM or more).
  • Most services require the use of High-Speed Internet.


Phase 1:   (Rescue-Me Stick service offerings)

  • ‘Do-It-Yourself’ > FREELY Update & Operate ‘Virus, Malware & Ransomware’ Scanning & Removal programs to help quickly locate & remove those ‘Bad Guys’.

– OR –

  • Yes, we can assist (Globally & Remotely) – with the Scanning & Removal programs (Service) or any of the other additional helpful services listed below:

Note1:  Each service is charged on a flat rate> from   $ 85.  (CAN.)

  • Backup/ Restoration
  • Boot-up Repair – Repairs (BCD) Boot/ Startup issues
  • Cloning – Drive Duplication
  • Wiping – Drive Data annihilation
  • Data Migration – Move Data from one computer to another
  • Data Recovery Repair
  • Drive Data – Surface Analysis/ Repair
  • Drive Conversions (MBR to GPT)
  • Drive Low-Level Formatting (Manufacturer’s format)
  • Drive Partition Adjuster
  • Password Recovery/ Edit

Note2:  We can create our ‘Rescue-Me Stick’ either Onsite or Remotely.  We can also use a ‘Client-Provided BLANK’ (minimum) 2GB USB Memory Key Stick or a ‘BLANK’ 4.7GB DVD + using ‘High-Speed Internet’ in conjunction with our ‘All About Backup Inc’ Website.


So before your PC Blows-up > Speed it up, Protect it & Preserve it!

Call:  (403) 878-9996     (Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada)




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Brian Kuntz  A+ Cert., Computer Engineering Technologist (’79)

Striving to provide Global ‘Reliable, Sustainable & Secure Computing’