Windows 10 problems after update

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We at ‘All About Backup Inc.’ have composed a list below of issues/problems that happened as of October 2016 til present day.

The listing only outlines the outcomes after which our client’s first witnessed (for the most part) prior to the issue/problem appearing – that a ‘Windows 10 Update’ had taken place.

Please note:

We do not definitively know the exact cause of these issues/problems, whether by the update OR prior to installing the windows update a manufacturer’s update OR some other installed program that was updated/upgraded beforehand.  Either way something happened and our client’s computer had ended up with one of these issue’s/problem’s listed below;

  • October 2016 –  NO BOOT-UP  > Desktop/Laptop powered-up > Fails to Boot !
  • November 2016 –   NO DISPLAY  > Laptop powered-up, has Startup Sounds > Display Blank !
  • December 2016 –   NO SOUND  > Laptop powered-up, has display > No Sound !
  • March 2017 –   NO WEBCAM  > Laptop powered-up, has display & has ‘Intel’s True Key’ facial recognition software program activated > No Webcam operation, Fails to allow access to user account, Won’t login – user now locked out of computer !
  • June 2017 –   NO INTERNET  > Desktop/Laptop powered-up, fails to connect (Wired/Wireless) > No Internet access !
  • October 2017 –  NO START MENU (Button operation)   > Desktop/Laptop powered-up, when windows ‘Start’ button is clicked upon > No Start Menu pop-up access  !
  • November 2017LACK-of or fewer OPTIONAL DISPLAY CONTROL settings  > Laptop powered-up, unable to finely tune display controls – i.e. resolution, external monitor etc. > Lack-of or fewer available display adjustments to choose from !

Since October 2016 we have successfully solved these issues/problems using various methods (some from Microsoft & the rest compiled by ourselves & some others) which covers most of the popular manufactured Desktop & Laptop computers in the world today – such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Gateway, Compaq/HP, IBM/Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba & even Generic/Custom as in ‘No-Name Brand’.

If your computer is suffering from any of these issues/problems or is just running slow, please do not hesitate to contact us & note that we have flat rate repair fees for most of these types of repairs – though in very very few cases some hardware was also required (typically less than a $50 additional cost).

And, YES we can perform most of these repairs remotely (without being in-front of your computer).

Do not fearHelp is near’ !!!


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