24x7x365 Cloud-Backup | Powered by: Google Drive & Acronis =Online, Multi-Schedulable Unattended/On-Demand, SECURE, Scalable+Distributed Storage

Designed for Window’s  (Server 20xx, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP) operating systems to provide “Truly Effective, Efficient & Secure Data Protection” while ensuring “True Value & Cost Savings” for our Business/ Home User client’s.

Available in 3 Data Protection configurations – BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, or MAXIMUM Protection Stages :

BASIC Protection (Stage 1)


INTERMEDIATE Protection (Stage 2)


MAXIMUM Protection (Stage 3)


  • Setup-fees = $ 145.* (CAN)   per Master/ Slave Computer.
  • Optional Monthly Rental (Management+Maintenance) fee (for sites where we provide the Slave Computer)   Start @  $25 per Slave Computer.

Site requirements:  Appropriate amount of unused disk space for handling backup files (minimum 15GBs of free space per PC) & a reliable High-speed Internet (Minimum 1.5Mbs Download & .5Mbs Upload).  Here’s a helpful weblink  http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ to test your internet speed.


*Additional Hardware/Software fees can apply dependent upon each individual computer’s backup needs, Travel/Lodging fees may also apply for locations outside of the Medicine Hat area.

Background Information:

Our integration incorporates the “Strength, Stability, Scalability & Versatility” of the “Google Drive (Cloud)” with the “Reliability & Robustness” of “Acronis” Backup/Restore software & our specialized protection mechanisms which exploit the true nature of the “Internet” as it was originally intended – regarding “Distributed Data Protection, Retrieval & Storage”.

Our integration provides a Tried & True One-Two Punch” of unparalleled “Online SECURE Cloud Backup/ Restoration Protection & Performance” to our clientele to manage their precious “Day-to-Day Mission-Critical Data” without extreme Storage/Retrieval costs.

Our integration can also incorporate additional “Remote Backup Protection” mechanisms (a.k.a. “NEXT-Level Data Protection”) when using the “Intermediate/ Maximum Protection” configurations (Stages 2 or 3) that incorporate distributed data storage measures.

These mechanisms are prepared by us to help ensure the best possible data protection with the least amount of cost – so should a Google Drive Data Center/Warehouse ever succumb to a “Hack-Attack/ Malfunction” the clients backup data will still be safe & available at all times.

Clients using our design methods can literally protect as little as a 1KB of data, to as much as 30GBs of data files for FREE*.

*Should our clientele need more storage, they can purchase it for a “minimal fee” & “without any Data Retrieval fees” from Google Drive – see below:

  • First 15GBs of storage is FREE……..
  • $1.99 US monthly above 15GBs & up to 100GBs
  • $9.99 US monthly above 15GBs & up to 1TB
  • $99.99 US monthly above 15GBs & up to  10TBs
  • $199.99 US monthly above 15GBs & up to 20TBs
  • $299.99 US monthly above 15GBs & up to 30TBs

Please note:  Storage space is completely scalable by the client & Google.  We @ “All About Backup Inc.” only assist 24x7x365.


  • Acronis provides the latest in comprehensive data protection – “(Zero-Knowledge) 256-bit AES (Client-Side) Encryption & Password Protection”, as in “ONLY You” know the password – nothing else retains it.
  • Acronis provides another great feature that we liken to “Intelligent Real-Time Backup Processing”.  It recognizes when files have changed/modified since their last backup, so when it comes time to doing the next backup – only those modified files would get backed up (called an Incremental Backup) – shortening the overall backup time.
  • Acronis’ backup processing feature is fully configurable by the client.  The client sets the number of incremental backups performed after each initial Full backup has completed – thus helping to keep backup archives current & concise.
  • Acronis’ most unique feature is “Backup archive Self-Regulation”.  Backup archives (located in the Main Backup Computer & in the Google Drive <Cloud> account & optional Remote Slave Computer/s) are automatically purged of older archive sets (based upon the client’s preferences) so not to overuse valuable Google Drive <Cloud> Storage space.
  • Our All About Backup Inc. 24x7x365 Glasshouse (Google Drive CLOUD) Hack-Attack Data Protection is designed to protect against Google Drive (Cloud) account “Hack-Attack/ Malfunction”.
  • Our specialized design automatically acquires “Secured Backup Data” from the Google Drive (Cloud) account & saves it into another separate optional “Primary/ Secondary Remote Slave Computer” data location.
  • Our specialized design keeps that Secured Backup Data fully isolated from “Alteration, Deletion, or Mismanagement” in any way via Google Drive & can be fully managed by you or us 24x7x365 – so “Have-No-Fear” your backup data will still there.

Bonus:  One optional Slave Computer is capable of managing/handling multiple Google Drive accounts all at once.


  • Protects Data > Email, Docs, Pictures, Accounting/ Inventory/ POS Databases, etc. on an individual computer-by-computer basis or can also encompass multiple networked computers.  Ie. a Master (single) workstation computer can handle backup for one or more additional computers – Server/s or Workstation/s.
  • Easily accessible data retrieval > anywhere in the world.
  • STORE up to approximately 30GBs  for FREE in a “Google Drive (Cloud) Account” >  Know that “Every Bit will be secure & easily accessible by you & those you entrust”.
  • 24x7x365   ONLINE MULTI-SCHEDULABLE UNATTENDED Secure Backup/Uploads >  “Fully Automated” to securely backup whatever “Day-to-Day Mission-Critical Data” you want & whenever you want it done from either your master computer or a different computer/server within your network.
  • ON-DEMAND ONLINE  Backup/Restoration > “No Waiting” self-directed Backup/ Restore operations.
  • CUSTOM TAILORED BACKUP  Configurations > specially setup for each individual computer/server.
  • EXTREME DATA COMPRESSION > From 2-to-1″ to as much as “14-to-1”  compression levels.

Note:  All dependent upon data file format type;  i.e. “Picture” Data WILL NOT compress much at all, “Music, Videos & Programs/ Applications” WILL compress a little, “Documents & Email” WILL compress A LOT.

Example:  100MBs of physical data can equate to approximately 50MBs or less of data placed into the “Google Drive (Cloud) Account”.

  • IMMEDIATE BACKUP RECOVERY RESPONSE > should a Computer/ Workstation (scheduled to perform a Backup) have been “Powered-Off” – upon “Power-On” <Internet connection established> the backup operation will recommence & the upload process will begin again.
  • 24x7x365   MONITORING/Notifications  (via Email) > Regarding all backup completions/ failures.
  • SELF-MONITORED/MANAGED > Purposely designed for Self-Regulation, however (should you need) 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring/ Managing assistance is also available – starting from $25. per month per Google Drive account or Slave Computer.
  • Automatic Multi-Platform Data Dispersion (Master-Slave Computer Design) > Freshly uploaded “Secure Backup Data” from a “Master Computer” is automatically Directed/ Copied to any number of distributed “Slave Computer/s” located in your or our secondary off-site locations.

Restoration procedures are as follows;

  1. Backup Data is returned to the original “Google Drive (Cloud) Account”.
  2. Backup Data can be returned to the “Master (Backup) Computer” -OR- to a “Replacement – Windows-based Computer” of your choosing.
  3. If the original account is Down/Hacked, then Backup Data can be placed into a “Replacement – Google Drive (Cloud) Account”.


  • REMOTE-CONNECT ASSISTANCE Service:  $40. per hour. We would connect with your computer (remotely) using the high-speed internet.  The whole time we’re monitored & controlled by you – helping you gather & prepare data to UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD.


Internet (Upload/Download) Speed testing:

Downloading is typically FASTER than Uploading.

Data Transfers “Time Rule-of-Thumb”:   More Data = More Time


Every .5 Mbs (Mega-Bits per Second) of Data Transfer Speed = 3.8 MBs (Mega-BYTES) per Minute = 228 MBs per Hour of Data Transfer  “To-Or-From The Cloud“.


1GB (Compressed) Backup data file (equaling approximately 2GBs of Uncompressed data) going into “The Cloud(UPLOAD transfer speed = .5 Mbs) will take approximately 4.5 Hours to get all of the data transferred into “The Cloud“.

So if to know if your situation can handle a “Cloud Backup” do a speed test to get your speeds figured out today.


So before your PC Blows-up > Speed it up, Protect it & Preserve it!

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