24x7x365 Emergency Backup Internet Facilitating Service using a “Foreign” incoming Wifi signal


  • Uniquely customizable & adaptable to most situations – even a  Community Emergency “MESH” Network.
  • Takes advantage of an incoming “Foreign Wifi” internet signal feed & securely mates it with an (awaiting) small sized computing network consisting of up to 12 internet needy devices.
  • Employing the “Optional Dual WAN Router” will further reduce internet network outages to almost “Zero” incidences through providing a 1 to 3 second cut-over rate after an outage detection.
  • Save even more, by not requiring another physical installation of a second (Wired/ Cellular) internet service feed.

Rental Service charges:

Temporary Installations ->     $ 10. (CAN)/ Day

Permanent Installations ->     $ 100./ Month

Setup fee ->     $ 145.*     applies to Temporary/Permanent.

(GST  included in pricing – minimum 3 days)

*Optional hardware fees can apply, plus Travel & Lodging fees may also apply regarding “Installation & Removal” for site/s located outside of the Medicine Hat area.


Added BONUS:

Clients using certain incoming “Open/ Hotspot Wifi” feeds can typically also enjoy UNLIMITED data usage (Uploads/ Downloads).


  • Designed for “Mission Critical” devices only.
  • Total number of devices handled is determined by their individual internet demands.  Currently our design has proven to support up to a 12 device configuration (1-Server, 8-Workstations, 2-POS Workstations & 1-Pinpad).
  • Primarily intended as a “BACKUP Internet Service”.  As soon as the “Primary (Main) Internet Service” returns to normal operation the “Secondary (Backup) Internet Service” becomes a “Standby Internet Service”.



ANY incoming “Foreign Wifi” internet signal feed can be used.

  • “Open/ Hotspot” or “Secured Wifi” – Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe’s, etc.. with a signal strength of 60% or more.

Note:  Many “Open/ Hotspot Wifi” internet signal feeds have tested @ 5 Mbps download/1.4 Mbps upload.

Secure Direct Transfer Pipe – provides complete network isolation, “No-one see’s in & you can’t see out (meaning into the Foreign Wifi’s network)”.  YOU just make use of their Wifi internet signal feed.

24x7x365 Remote Monitoring of incoming Wifi &/or LAN Network – incoming Wifi signal feed is monitored on daily basis without any internet/ network intrusion/ interruption to your network.

Optional Enhanced Remote Monitoring is also available for permanent installations only.  Provides email notifications (1 minute or less intervals) after any internet disturbance/change.

Flexible Robust Hardware platforms > very capable of handling future growth; such as more SPEED/Redundancy – Dependent upon site needs/location & installed with very little or no internet/ network interruption.

Optional AC Power Backup via a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) – sustains backup feed operation during blackouts for a prolonged period of time.  Also helps thwarting “Thieves” when the site’s “Communication/ Power” feeds are “Cut/ Turned-off”.  Backup internet feed will still be available for the Security System to access & send an alert.


Fully-Automatic Operation:

NO Human Intervention” – found in “Permanent” installations only.

  • Upon “Return of Power”, backup internet is automatically made available & all you’d do is connect to it – or the “Optional Dual Wan Router” can do that connecting automatically for you.


Semi-Automatic Operation:

“Human Intervention” required – found in “Temporary” installations.

  • Upon “Return of Power”, Power Button &/or a key needs to be first pressed – then backup internet is established.


Configurations available:

“Stand-alone” >  NO ISP Data Transport policy involvement.

  • “BACKUP” feed only – involves an incoming “OPEN/ Hotspot Wifi” internet feed and a wired internet feed at the location.
  • “ONLY” feed – NO wired internet feed involvement.  Only uses incoming “OPEN/ Hotspot Wifi” internet feed as the only internet feed for the location.

“Mixed” >  Can involve a wired internet feed.  Possible ISP Data Transport policy involvement.

  • Using 2 different “Secured/ Open Wifi” internet feeds at the location.

“Neighbor-Helping-Neighbor” >  Only “Secured Wifi” internet feeds involved (subject to individual’s ISP Data Transport policies).

  • Each “Neighbor” supports the other as a backup feed.
  • Each can be up to 100 ft/30 m apart, or using our Optional hardware the neighbors can be up to 1.5 miles/2.5 kms apart (but must be in “Line-of-Sight” of each other).

Note:  Configurations are entirely dependent upon your location needs, availabilities & adherence’s to the ISP Data Transport policies.


So before your PC Blows-up > Speed it up, Protect it & Preserve it!

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