CyberCRIME? Tips (Evil’s of OPEN Wifi+…)

1.  ‘Evil’s of OPEN WiFi CyberCRIME’ Video (March 19,2011) > Thanks to CTV  W5 News.

W5_Cyber-Crime_WIFI_Spying_ (Video)  or see Web-Link:

2.  ‘Identity/Personal Information Theft (Recycling old Photo-copiers)’ Video (April 19,2010)> Thanks to CBS News.

Please note:  Recycling old ‘Home/Office Computers’ are just as prone to this problem of ‘Identity theft’ – if not more so then Photo-copiers are.  Always destroy the Hard-drive before ‘Recycling/Giving it away’ or else you too can become a victim!!!

Photo-Copier_Cyber-Crime-by_CBS  (Video)  or see Web-Link:

3. ‘Virus attacks go mobile’ Video (December 1,2011) > Thanks to KNTV & Global News.

Virus_Attacks_go_Mobile-Dec2011  (Video)

4.  ‘Microsoft/ Windows Error Report SCAM’ (November 18,2009).

If someone calls stating they’re from the ‘Windows Technical Support Center (or something like this)’ and mentioning;

‘Your PC is sending them error reports/messages’!

They then offer to ‘Remotely Fix’ the PC – ‘IT’s a SCAM’!

DO NOT give them any ‘REMOTE ACCESS’ to your PC ‘WHAT-SO-EVER’ > HANG-UP your phone!

Microsoft based ‘Windows’ PC’s do sometimes ask to send an ‘Error Reports’ back to Microsoft.

Microsoft will likely not phone you back to fix these errors.

Microsoft may email you back, provided they were sent your email address with that error report.

If your PC happens to be running slow > get a ‘REAL A+ Certified Tech’ to work on it.

See Web-Link:

4a.  ‘NEW Spin’ on the‘Microsoft/ Windows Error Report SCAM’ (as of November 14,2016).

  • Instead of stating they’re calling from ‘Microsoft/Windows’,  they instead state they are calling from ‘Bell or Shaw or Telus’ internet (ISP’s).
  • So beware – ALWAYS verify them by stating you will hang-up & call them back !
  • DO NOT EVER let them log into your computer !!
  • Then ‘Call’ the support centre phone number (located on your internet providers invoice) to see if what you were being told about your computer is true.
  • DO NOT CALL any phone number the likely SCAMMER provides !!!


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